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Canyonlands is divided in three parts. We've done two parts. Island in the Sky & The Needles. The former part is by far the most spectacular. The red-brown colours of the canyon, the Green River and the sun struggling with some thunderstorm clouds were creating some mind-blowing sceneries.

The structures of the canyon are as well amazingly detailed and are witnesses of million years of raging water.

Death Valley Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes

Early morning: raindrops, lightnings in the background, long distance runners from Badwater passing by.

The odor of some unknown plant or herb is omnipresent: all senses are challenged. A rattlesnake passes by and moves sizzling into a tiny whole.

Everywhere you witness the continual struggle of the dunes with the trees. At the end the tree looses.

A bit further down the road at Devil's Cornfield,  arrowweed seems to be more succesfully in taking up the same challenge.

Death Valley Basin

Two places at the bottom of Death Valley: Badwater and Devil's Golfcourse. You undergo the heat and harsh conditions. A short drive / walk into these places makes you believe no live is possible here.( PS There's some animal and plant live present !)

The brutal shapes of Devil's Golfcourse:

The more subtle forms in Badwater salt flats:

There's a certain type of surrealism lurking around the corner at the lowest elevation in America.

The inevitable Yosemite cliché viewpoints

Here we go. Travelling to Yosemite National Park goes with a number of fantastic viewpoints. I would argue three of them are extremely cliché and photographed thousands time a day.

So here are mine:

1. Sunrise @ Tunnel view.

2. Sunset @ Glacier Point

3. Noon @ Olmsted Point

Half Dome is always present !

Swingarm City

Between Capital Reef National Park and the city of Moab on Utah Road 24 lies Swingarm City, one of the world's best motocross freestyle places.

 The tracks in the muddy sand are witnesses of spectacular and daring rides: a spot along the UT-24, a road full of crazy and breath-taking panoramas: a must when cruising Utah state.