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Atlantic Wall - Leffrinckoucke - Zuydcoote

Walking the beach from Leffrinckoucke to Zuydcoote, two ships are facing the tides.

Both wrecks are visible at low tide, it seems that the one of the Crested Eagle is somewhat lower and only visible when tide is extremely low. I need to check this out;

  • Atlantic Wall - Triggerfinger's Darmstadt Leffrinckoucke

    It seems Triggerfinger's new album has some artwork from the Atlantic Wall. In Leffrinckoucke you can find one bunker full of mirrors. It's part of the Darmstadt fortications. I have not yet found for which occasion the pieces of mirror where glued on…

    Atlantic Wall - Zuydcoote

    Some of the fortifications are broken in pieces, others are still standing on the top of the dunes…