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Mono Lake - South Tufa

South Tufa, some hidden gem at sunset. Driving from Yosemite towards Mammoth Lakes, Mono Lake seems a bit dull. This is far from reality: it is the subject of the so-called Water Wars, where Los Angeles is since decades using these lakes (Owens Lake is another one) as a water reservoir and tapping massively water from these lakes. Now some agreements were made to level up the water again.

These rockformations are witnesses of the massive water tapping. Ospreys are nesting here, but you need to have an eagle eye to see them (or binoculars) .

  • Dead Horse Point State Park

    One of the most beautiful sceneries of the trip. Purple, green & hundred flavors of brown are everywhere. Again a thunderstorm in the far east of the Park. It seemed an unusual summer in a lot of States.

    Leaving Las Vegas - 1995

    WTH: Wrong turn, a hectic (and efficient) valet parking In Luxor, swimming pool closed, no view out of our hotelroom... . nevertheless…