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Leaving Las Vegas - 1995

WTH: Wrong turn, a hectic (and efficient) valet parking In Luxor, swimming pool closed, no view out of our hotelroom.... nevertheless a strange fascination slips in my mind: the strip as a rollercoaster.

This mindset goes on for a couple of hours: casino after casino, mall after mall, helicopters, limousines, families, beggars, traffic jams, red lights., preachers, over-the-top neon-lights, magic spectacles, Brian Ferry comes this autumn...

Gradually another mood pops up. It doesn't happen suddenly and swift: was I an embarrassed spectator, caught in some guilty pleasure or some witness of a (future-proof) entertainment business, which I didn't experience before. Is this pastiche copied all over the world ?

We need to go to sleep.

Next morning we leave the golden Trump-tower behind. Two F-35 planes depart vertically from the Nellis-base chasing other jets. I don't stop the car. 

 Back home, I need to watch Nicholas Cage (again).

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