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Grand Canyon

We drove from Cameron to the Grand Canyon, the bottom of the Escalante Staircase. After visiting the Little Colorado River Navajo Tribal Park, Desert View was the real stuff. Thunderclouds and lightings were omnipresent: the tower was closed. Luckily no rain fell out. A ranger spoke about the Californian Condor, while we were witnessing an astonishing sunset.

Next day, we took the challenge to hike the Plateau Point, some 1100 meters below the rim. I think it is still 400 meter down further until the Colorado River.

We didn't make it to the Point. Not because we were too tired, but a bold thunderstorm came closer and closer. Back to the Indian Gardens, back to the 3 & 1,5 mile rest-points, back to the edge of the rim. I guess we missed it by 500 - 1000 meters easy walking.

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