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Dead Horse Point State Park

One of the most beautiful sceneries of the trip. Purple, green & hundred flavors of brown are everywhere. Again a thunderstorm in the far east of the Park. It seemed an unusual summer in a lot of States.

  • Route 66

    Seligman - Truxton - Kingman: the part of Route 66 we drove. It was a disillusion (ironically the only one on our road trip this summer) : cheap souvenirs, some car wrecks alongside the road, a few interesting places, but most of all a route of 66 missed…

    Mono Lake - South Tufa

    South Tufa, some hidden gem at sunset. Driving from Yosemite towards Mammoth Lakes, Mono Lake seems a bit dull. This is far from reality: it is the subject of the so-called Water Wars, where Los Angeles is since decades using these lakes (Owens Lake is…