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Antelope Canyon

Okay, Antelope Canyon here we go: after driving in the back of a blue-and-white tuned road truck/jeep for 5 miles on a national road in Page, followed by another 5 miles in an old and empty riverbed we arrive at the Antelope Canyon ( Reservations to be done months in advance, you know upfront what this means !!!). Some explanations of a local Indian woman (very much appreciated) and we enter the Canyon.

Traffic is dense, tens of nationalities are looking around, thousands of clicks each hour: tricks of the guide on which part of the Canyon looks like Abraham Lincoln or where to look for some other weird formation... it is all to be absorbed in a funny but disciplined manner. 

 Some old English gentleman has opted for a private tour and has taken his tripod to get some pictures. Every time he tries to fire a shot, a Chinese boy or German family pops up: shouting and gestures everywhere. "Gold fever" for the best photograph by tens of people. Back home there must be a lot of disappointment with these pictures. A great visit to a weird place, photography is a challenge. Luckily no flooding happened.

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