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Swingarm City

Between Capital Reef National Park and the city of Moab on Utah Road 24 lies Swingarm City, one of the world's best motocross freestyle places.

 The tracks in the muddy sand are witnesses of spectacular and daring rides: a spot along the UT-24, a road full of crazy and breath-taking panoramas: a must when cruising Utah state.

  • Monument valley

    When arriving from the east ( Mesa Verde National Park), you have the luck to drive a scenic road used in a number of films ( I guess Thelma & Louise is one of them). Although traffic is not heavy on this road , taking this type of pictures  needs to be…

    The inevitable Yosemite cliché viewpoints

    Here we go. Travelling to Yosemite National Park goes with a number of fantastic viewpoints. I would argue three of them are extremely cliché and photographed thousands time a day. So here are mine: 1. Sunrise @ Tunnel view. 2…