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Atlantic Wall - The Leaning Tower @ Oye Plage

This tower is a touristic curiosity between camping sites, nature reserves, residential areas and dunes full of bunkers and buckthorn plants.

This tower, built by Russian war prisoners looked like a church. During wartime a clock and stained glass were painted on the walls to mislead the English pilots flying over.  

Atlantic Wall - Zuydcoote

Some of the fortifications are broken in pieces, others are still standing on the top of the dunes. Some days the clouds give that additional dimension, accentuating the faded menace of the buildings below.

 The grasses on the dunes are like needles, sharp as knives, flexible with the wind. 

Atlantic Wall - Zuydcoote

STP Bruno - 636 is the name of this bunker. Three different point of views of this fortification fallen from the dunes between Zuydcoote and Leffrinckoucke.

When looking to the picture taken by Stephan Vanfleteren, you can observe what storms, wind and seawater have done. The bunker has fallen a couple of meters, the dunes have lost their battle.